Visit from Kenyan and Japanese Delegates on 5S Quality Environment System

On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, delegates from Japan Productivity Centre, Kenyan Ministry of Trade and Kenyan Institute of Business Training visited RPM to exchange experience on RPM’s 5S Quality Environment System.  They were accompanied by officials from Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC). 

The program began with a presentation by the Manager of Project Management & QAQC, Pn. Khairun Darwina Khairuddin on RPM’s implementation of 5S Quality Environment System at the workplace and surrounding area. 

Afterwards, the delegates visited RPM’s 5S Zones to observe RPM’s adoption and application of the 5S work culture and practices. The delegates were shown how the 5S system has become one of RPM’s key QA/QC components to ensure consistent high-quality delivery of services and products. 

The delegates then visited RPM’s Mobile 5S zone, a unique 5S application where the 5S system was implemented on the company’s car for the benefits of the driver and passengers. 

Overall, the delegates were very impressed by the fact that 5S Quality Environment has become ingrained into the company’s culture and that the system has the support from the top management as well as from the staff.