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To be a model engineering consultancy firm in a society that values integrity and dignity


Delivering high quality engineering consultancy services that enrich the lives and living of communities locally and internationally

RPM Logo filled-01.png

The RPM logo is based on the triangle, the strongest geometric shape representing our strong core.  The white cap at the top of the triangle represents us aiming the highest peak of excellence. The RPM blue symbolizes our strong focus on water, and the company’s wording at the bottom of logo signifies the support that RPM Engineers provides. 

be good logo-01.png

The “Be Good” logo captures the culture that RPM aims to cultivate.  The logo is the condensation of the company’s 4-step direction to produce quality solutions. 

Be Good: Continuous self-improvement to always gain new knowledge, skills, and wisdom. 

Do Good: The self-propelling attitude to provide the most efficient, wholesome, safety and environmentally conscious, value adding solutions.  

Look Good: The products and services provided must look smart and sharp with good finishing. 

Feel Good: The self-satisfaction one feels when completing a task well. 

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